About Resolution

[NOTE: At present, all resolutions other than "0" are disabled due to a lack of disk space.]

Many of the pages on this site are available in several resolutions, so as (perhaps) better to suit your screen. By clicking on its number in the list at the bottom of the page, you can select a different resolution. In general, higher resolution numbers will result in pages with larger icons (which may thus be suitable for higher-resolution screens). Once selected, the current resolution stays in effect until you change it.

Semi-paranoid note: The persistency of resolution is done by providing on the web server multiple copies of each page, one at each resolution. Pages at one resolution link to other pages at the same resolution. No "cookies" are used.

Semi-technical note: The "resolution" affects only certain images (most particularly, icons). It does not affect the text itself, which is rendered by your browser. It does not affect some images which are intended to be presented at a fixed resolution. It's better than nothing.

For a more detailed discussion of resolution, see the documentation of the "graphein" system of writing tools used to put together this website.

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