Dry Transfer Lettering

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It isn't entirely clear whether this category belongs here, within " Writing and Lettering by Hand" (because it is a hand lettering process) or instead within printing on " Planographic Principles" (because it is planographic, and indeed a kind of offsetting process. In any event, I've put it here.

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Image-N-Transfer ("INT")

This was a dry-transfer product by 3M which allowed the making of dry transfers from artwork. I have no literature on it at all.

This product is of historical interest to the typefounder because the late Jim Rimmer used it as a method for transferring type designs to the face of hand-cut patrices (pattern types) from which he then electroformed matrices for typefounding. This is described in his illustrated article "Engraving Type Designs in Lead," which appeared in The Devil's Artisan, No. 15 (1984): 14-20. (The text of this article reflects a presentation that Rimmer did for the American Typecasting Fellowship, and it appears, without illustrations, in the ATF Newsletter, No. 9 (May, 1984): 27-31.)

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This was a dry-transfer tape, available both in relatively plain forms (useful for making charts, e.g.) and fancier forms in imitation of typographic borders. The Formaline Catalog No. 103, by the Graphics Products Corp., appeared in 1975. It is the only item I have on this process, and it is still in copyright - so I can't reproduce it here.

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It is unlikely that I'll ever have anything here about this, the best-known of the dry-offset processes, because the scant material I do have is all still in copyright.

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Prestype dry-transfer lettering and Presfilm dry transfer shading films and color tints.

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