Hot Stamping

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This is the process of transferring a metal foil to a printing surface using (often heated) type. As such it is an integral part of letterpress printing and should probably be covered in the Circuitous Root Typefoundry and Press (which covers letterpress printing using cast type). On the other hand, (a) it is best done not with ordinary printers' type because it will quickly damage the type, (b) it is therefore often done with non-cast type made from other materials such as brass and steel, and (c) many things besides paper can be stamped. So at least insofar as foil stamping involves non-cast type or stamping things other than paper, I'll cover it here.

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The Kingsley

General-purpose hot foil stamping.

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The Namograph

A machine for hot foil stamping onto cylindrical pen bodies. Circa 1920.

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