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Paper-handling other than printing/lettering intended for use in an office environment. Also, for lack of a better home, miscellaneous vintage office supplies and equipment.

Regular commercial printing (letterpress and beyond) of course includes all kinds of cutting, folding, binding, and related machines. I don't have much of this, or even much documentation on it. When I do, that will go in the CircuitousRoot Typefoundry and Press.

However, there were (and are) also many similar machines for cutting, folding, binding, labeling, stapling, stamping, etc. designed for use in the office rather than the printing plant. I don't have any kind of comprehensive collection of these, or even of their documentation. They're all fun, though (office supplies are almost as much fun as art supplies). To the limited extent that I do run across them (or have friends who are willing to share information on theirs) they'll go here. Examples [NONE DONE YET]:

Categories break down, of course. Many machines which logically ought to be considered in an office context are actually covered elsewhere (e.g., the Typewriter itself, the Elliott Labelling Machine, the Mimeograph, etc.) because I think of them primarily as printing or lettering machines. Many machines which aren't paper-handling or lettering/type-related at all (and hence which should be covered somewhere else) will be covered here. It's a miscellany; so is my office.

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Catalogs of Office Equipment & Supplies

Collier Stationery Co., Keokuk, Iowa - circa 1909.

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