Alexander Pantograph Engravers

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George H. Alexander Machinery Ltd. Birmingham, England.

In a very informative posting to the Yahoo! group "Pantograph-Engravers" on 2011-07-14 (Message No. 1135), Arno Martens comments that "according to uncorroborated information received, George Alexander was the Deckel agent for Great Britain in 1939." This was not an auspicious year to be selling German machinery in England.

The Alexander machines (or at least several models of them) seem to be direct copies of the Deckel.

However, Martens also notes that the Alexander machines were built on imperial (inch) dimensions while the Deckels were metric. Collets and belts were, he says, not interchangeable between the two. The spindles, however, apparently were interchangeable.

Alexander also built at least one model of Cutter Grinder.

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Instructions, No. 1A Die-Sinker

Instructions, No. 1A Die-Sinker (Birmingham, UK: George H. Alexander Machinery Ltd.) The Alexander No. 1A Die-Sinker looks like a carbon copy of the Deckel GK12.

This document is still in copyright, and is not reprinted here.

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