The Dedrick Pantograph

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1. Identification

This machine was a pantograph engraving machine intended for the cutting of typecasting matrices directly or of punches for punching matrices. As a typographical pantograph engraver it postdated the "Central", (first) Benton, Wiebking, and Ballou machines, but as a matrix engraver it (together with Wiebking's and Ballou's) predates the use by Benton of his machine for that purpose. It was probably also the first American typographical pantograph engraver to be exported to a European typefoundry.

Not much is known of this machine (though unlike some others there are accounts in the patent record). Here, I'll try to summarize what I've been able to discover. See also the discussion of typographic engraving pantographs "Beyond (and Before) Benton"

Designed by Nicholas Dedrick, at Barnhart Brothers & Spindler. Used there in "1896 or 1897." One sold to Peignot Foundry (France) in 1901. (See Eckman, James. "The Great Western Type Foundry of Barnhart Brothers and Spindler, 1869-1933." Printing and Graphic Arts. Vol. 9 (1961) , p. 16.) It is mentioned in Legros & Grant's Typographical Printing Surfaces (1916) , p. 236, but it is not illustrated or described (other than to say that it was configured to engrave four matrices simultaneously).

2. Patents

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US Patent 614,845 (1898, Pantograph)

US patent 614,845. "Engraving Machine." Issued 1898-11-29 to Nicholas Dedrick. Filed 1897-04-16 as application serial number 632,387. Not assigned.

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US Patent 645,164

US patent 645,164. "Engraving-Machine Table." Issued 1900-03-13 to Nicholas Dedrick. Filed 1899-01-16 as serial number 702,323. This adds rotatable pattern-tables and work-tables.

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US Patent 645,165

US patent 645,165. "Tool-Grinder for Engraving Machines." Issued 1900-03-13 to Nicholas Dedrick. Filed 1899-01-16 as application serial number 702,324.

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