General Works on Pantograph Engraving

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Given the historical importance of pantograph engraving (and milling) throughout the Twentieth Century, surprisingly little was written about it.

Note: Pantograph engraving overlaps with die sinking. For die sinking using non-pantographic methods and machines, see ../../../ Machine Shop -> Milling -> Die Sinking.

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Graduating, Engraving and Etching (1921)

Graduating, Engraving and Etching. (NY: The Industrial Press, 1921.) [In the series "Machinery's Blue Books," published under the auspices of Machinery magazine.]

This book has been digitized by Google Books (from whom it is available) from the Columbia University copy. The icon at left links to a local copy of Google's PDF: This same digitization is also available as higher-resolution page images from The Hathi Trust (Hathi ID: nnc1.cu55807208). Here is a local copy assembled from Hathi Trust page images (157 Megabytes; some automated image manipulation has been done to make lower-resolution pages appear the same size as higher-resolution pages): graduating-engraving-and-etching-1921-hathi-nnc1-cu55807208-new.pdf

This book was also reprinted by Lindsay Publications ( in 1996; ISBN: 1-55918-178-8.

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"Design of Engraving Machines" (1924)

L.B. "Design of Engraving Machines." in Machinery [magazine] vol. ?, no. ? (May 22, 1924).

This article has been reprinted by Lindsay Publications ( in their book Precision Lead Screws, Gears, and Pantographs. (Bradley, IL: Lindsay Publications, 1999. ISBN 1-55918-232-6.)

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Steffens. Engraved Stationery Handbook

Steffens, Robert N. Engraved Stationery Handbook. (NY: The Cronite Company, 1950) [cited variously at 332 or 430 pages.]

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Walkling. Pantograph Engraving (1975)

Walkling, Willard P. Pantograph Engraving: A Handbook for Engravers. (Kansas City, MO: [by the author], 1975). This is a very well-done beginner's-level book on how to use New Hermes engraving machines for commercial engraving of consumer items (bowls, tankards, awards, pens, flatware, etc.) It does not deal at all with industrial uses in diemaking or with the making of typefounding matrices.

This book is in copyright and is not reproduced here.

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