New Hermes Locomotive Engraver

Engravograph Model ITX, s/n 60,733

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1. Introduction

A locomotive engraver? Yes, really. This machine came out of the EMD locomotive parts plant in Illinois, A friend of mine who knows trains much better than I do has deduced from the unusual pattern wheel on it that it was used to engrave the markings on EMD locomotive throttles. It bears no model designation, but is probably a modified New Hermes Engravograph model ITX. It is serial number 60,733.

Acquired June 2011 by Rollande Krandall for Singing Lemur Jewelry. (I just get to play with it, or work on it when I'm helping out with the jewelry business.)

NOTE: The hex screws clamping the spindle block and the domed hex screw for the lever are either 3 mm or something very close to that.

2. Identification

3. General Views

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4. The Pattern Wheel

This is of course the most distinctive part of this machine. The wheel has two sectors of numbers, neither of which contains the digit '9'.

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5. The Spindle

This appears to be part no. 58045. The current New Hermes catalog lists the style TX Rotating Cutter Spindle as p/n 58-645 (and no other spindle with a "58-" prefix). I presume, therefore, that this is either an earlier version of or a variant upon the style TX spindle.

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