Lanston Monotype Type Series Lists and Indexes

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Lanston Typefaces by Series Number

A table of Lanston Monotype Machine Company cellular, display, and Giant faces ordered by series number. Prepared by Dr. David M. MacMillan for CircuitousRoot.

The icon here links to a static PDF of this document. Here is the source spreadsheet, in OpenOffice format: lanston-monotype-series-list-by-number.ods This spreadsheet just contains public domain data, so I've put the spreadsheet itself in the public domain. You're free to copy it, use it, modify it, or whatever. If you do modify it and distribute those modifications, it would contribute just a tiny bit to our collective sanity if you were to clearly identify your version as such.

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McGrew's List of Series Numbers

McGrew, Mac. American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century. (New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Books, 1993). This book has a useful list of Monotype series numbers (and a list of ATF numbers).

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Alphabetical List of Type Faces (ca. 1935-40s)

This is the list which opens my {MTF1} specimen book. It is undated, but the list of Monotype Library Faces (see below) in the same book is dated 1935-08-15. The binder of {MTF1} itself bears the address "Philadelphia 3, PA"; numeric postal zones began in 1943 and were replaced by ZIP codes in 1963.

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Machine Composition Faces (ca. 1935-1940s)

"Available Point Sizes, Set Sizes, Length of Capital and Lowercase Alphabets." "Machine Composition" means cellular matrices cut for machine composition on the Monotype Composition Caster (vs. cellular matrices cut for display composition, display matrices, or Giant Caster matrices). Undated (see the notes on the dates of {MTF1} in the Alphabetical List of Type Faces [in {MTF1}], above, but note that the "addenda" here begins with Bembo, a face that McGrew indicates was cut "shortly after" 1929, so it may in fact be earlier). {MTF1}

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Monotype Library Faces (1935-08-15)

"... a list of type faces which may be cast from matrices available for rental in the Monotype Matrix Library." No point sizes given. These matrices include cellular matrices the bodies of which are milled for display casting (vs. cellular matrices the bodies of which are milled for composition casting) and display matrices. Interestingly, it indicates (indeed, emphasizes) that Giant Caster Matrices are not rented. This policy later changed. {MTF1}

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Design Classification of Monotype Type Faces (ca. 1935-1940s)

Modern vs. Old Style vs. Antique vs. Title vs. Gothic, etc. {MTF1}

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