[ES] Imprenta Municipal

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1. Overview

? - 2008 [Nuefville/Bauer materials] - present. Imprenta Municipal [de los Museos de Madrid]. Madrid, Spain.

The museum acquired at least some of the materials of Neufville ( Bauer), and has intentions of casting with them.


As of late 2011, they have a PDF document available online (in Spanish) describing the museum, "Dossier de la Imprenta Municipal". It is linked from their main website, or may be viewed directly at: http://www.madrid.es/UnidadesDescentralizadas/Bibliotecas/EspecialesInformativos/ImprentaArtesanal/ficheros/Dossier%20de%20la%20Imprenta%20Municipal.pdf.

(On 2011-12-26, María Dolores Jiménez posted a note to the LETPRESS list with a quick link to this document at http://smlk.es/booklet)

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