MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan

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1. Overview

Philadelphia. 1867-1892. Previously Johnson & Co. Merged into American Type Founders.

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One Hundred Years. (1896)

In 1896, four years after they officially ceased to exist in the amalgamation of ATF, "MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan" published, under their own name, a history of their firm from its origins in Binny & Ronaldson in the late 18th century. Whether you think of this as an ATF book or an MSJ book is a matter of personal opinion. I've filed it as an ATF book. The icon here links "up and over" to its presentation in the ATF Notebook.

2. Specimen Books

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1869. Specimens of Printing Types

David W. Peat has reprinted a selection of pages from the very rare 1869 MSJ specimen book. The title of the original is Specimens of Printing Types, Borders, Cuts, Rules, &c. The title on the cover of the reprint is "Book of Specimens: MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan." It was beautifully printed by Richard Hopkins at his Pioneer Press of West Virginia and is (in 2011) available from David Peat at 1225 Carroll White Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46219. 54pp with a new introduction by Peat.

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1891. Price List of Printing Type...

Price List of Printing Type and Typographic Material. (Philadelphia: MacKellar, Smiwths & Jordan Company, n.d. [Silver Buckle catalog information says 1891])

The Silver Buckle Press at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has digitized this work from their collection:

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1892. Specimens of Printing Types

Specimens of Printing Types (or, on cover, Compact Book of Specimens). (Philadelphia: MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan, 1892.)

A digital version of this book, including the original page scans, is available at The Internet Archive; the link at left goes there. Here is a local copy of the PDF version and the (nicer) DjVu version.

3. Advertising (Non-Specimen)

Advertisements other than type specimens.

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Font Labels (1892)

In The Inland Printer, Vol. 9, No. 8 (May 1892): [insert following p. 660]

Scanned by Google from the University of Minnesota and University of Michigan copies and available via The Hathi Trust (Hathi IDs: umn.31951001898736e and mdp.39015086781179). The UMN scans are of better quality than the UM (mdp) scans, but the UMN copy was bound without its covers. The icons here links to PDFs assembled from Hathi page images (first UMN, second UM).

4. Type-Makers Employed

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5. Typefaces

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NOTE: Argent shown in Inland Printer v4 n2 Nov 1886 p. 94

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