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Almah (1890)

By Henry Brehmer for Lindsay.

The Lindsay foundry was actively promoting this face, as Almah, in 1890. They sent a specimen of it to The American Bookmaker (Vol. 10, No. 2 (Feb. 1890): 51), where it was shown in the "New Faces of Type Critically Described and Considered." The editor's comments on this face were merely descriptive (perhaps a good thing; frequently he was caustic):

"The Lindsay Type Foundry also sends in some lines of double pica Almah, of which the capitals are large, filling the whole body nearly, but the lower case is very small and is set in the centre of the shank. Thus the capitals are always descenders as well as ascenders. The design is full of flourishes, each curve bending and twisting, and each point tapering. Figures to go with it."

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The foundry sent another specimen in for the March issue, but it was merely noted and not illustrated:

"The Lindsay Type Foundry sends another size of Almah, three line nonpareil, with the same advantages and disadvantages of the larger size. The series will be carried out still further." (77)

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