Typeface Index: Columbian Italic

(i.e., Crayonette)

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A copy by H. W. Caslon & Co., Ltd. of Crayonette ( Keystone Type Foundry.

In a posting to the LETPRESS Internet mailing list on 2001-06-27, in a thread entitled "24 point Crayonette type subscription casting," Joe Warren notes that "The 1918 Caslon Specimen book calls the face [Crayonette] Columbian Italic." In two later postings in the same thread, on 2001-06-28 and 2001-07-03, distinguished type specimen collector Steve Saxe noted that the fact that Caslon changed the name strongly suggests that it was copied without permission.

In the second edition (but not the first) of Nicolete Gray's Nineteenth Century Ornamented Typefaces (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1976.) she cites this face as Columbian Text on p. 112 and illustrates it as her No. 448. She identifies the sources as "Caslon's Circular" of 1899.

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