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Crayon (1886)

By Herman Ihlenburg for MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan. US Design patent 16,508, issued 1886-02-09 to Ihlenburg and assigned to MSJ (filed 1885). Ihlenburg describes it in the patent as "an ornamental letter shaded on the right by a light line and the face ornamented by a series of light horizontal lines."

(At the time, the term "crayon" would, I suppose, still have had a stronger connection with its meaning as an artist's tool; the crayon as a child's drawing toy was just beginning to become a commercial item in the 1880s.)

Here is a full showing of the characters, printed from original types in Philllips' Old-Fashioned Type Book (1945):

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It was shown in the March, 1886 issue of The Inland Printer (Vol. 3, No. 6, p. 339):

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Here is the showing on p. 306 (image 262 of the digitization) of the 1892 MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Specimens of Printing Types :

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Here is Ihlenburg's patent for it (in the wretched version which is all that the USPTO has left us). This dates the face designer and face securely to 1886 (filed 1885):

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It is shown on p. 46 of the Loy's Nineteenth-Century American Designers and Engravers of Type (using the "Ocean Fliers" text). Loy does cite Crayon explicitly as an Ihlenburg face.

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