Matrix Data, Specimens, & Typography

For Composing Linecasters

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Matrix Information and Identification

Given a composing linecaster matrix, how to determine what type it will make.

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Specimen Books

Composing linecaster specimen books (both those with full showings and one-line specimens).

Also, when I have only very fragmentary evidence for some of the smaller matrix works I'll put them here (even if I have no specimens at all from them).

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Individual Specimens and Typographical Promotion

The distinction between self-promotion and customer education is often arbitrary. Mergenthaler's The Legibility of Type will be found not here but in the next Notebook, Typographical Education.

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Typographical Education

Before the advent of graphic designers, typography was done by people who actually knew how to print. Their education came largely from several remarkably good trade journals (such as The Inland Printer) and from the major manufacturers such as Mergenthaler Linotype and the two Monotype companies. These Notebooks collect some of the literature of typographical education put out by the manufacturers of composing linecasters.

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