Noncomposing Linecasters

(Mostly Ludlow Typograph)

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Commercially Produced Machines

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Ludlow Typograph

USA. Ludlow Typograph Company.

Also third party, related and ancillary equipment, when specific to the Ludlow (vs. general third-party hot metal).

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All-Purpose Linotype (A-P-L)

USA. Mergenthaler Linotype Company. [NOTHING YET]

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Koike Ludlow Derivative (post-WWII)


Koike Manufacturing Co., Ltd. built what is perhaps the most diverse range of hot metal equipment of any company in history. Besides this Ludlow-derived caster, the machines they built included:

For a general discussion of the Koike Manufacturing Company and its founder KOIKE Rinpei, see the Notebook on the a Koike Automatic Type Caster.

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Other Machines

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Halacinski (1901)

[TO DO] Huss No. 205.

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Ludlow Typograph (Matrix Bar Version, 1905)

[TO DO] Huss No. 230.

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Castaline (1912)

[TO DO] Huss No. 269.

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{GB 1859} Great Britain, Commissioner of Patents. Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Printing. London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1859.

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{Huss 1973} Huss, Richard E. The Development of Printers' Mechanical Typesetting Methods, 1822-1925. Charlottesville, Virginia: The University Press of Virginia for the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 1973.

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