Applegath and Henfrey (1823)

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1. Introduction

This casting machine is not mentioned by Huss { Dr. Church's "Hoax" }, even though it is roughly contemporary with Dr. Church.

2. GB Patent Abridgment

The Abridgment of the Specification for GB patent No. 4850 (1823-10-09) was reprinted in { Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Printing . (1859) } (p. 166; Google PDF p. 187).

3. Description in Partington

Partington's 1825 volume { The Printer's Complete Guide. } describes this machine.

The introduction to this description is most confusing. Start in the fourth paragraph of page 284, reproduced below ("A patent for producing stereotype plates...") I believe that what this says is that in April 1818 Applegath was issued a steretype plate patent which is then not described. Rather, the next paragraph just continues with "This invention..." I think, however, that "this invention" is not a stereotype plate caster but in fact a printing type caster.

To further confuse matters, the description here refers to Plate VII, but the figures actually appear on Plate V (and yet all of the plates are not present in the Google Books PDF of the Bodleian Library copy).

In any case, here it is. I've put higher-resolution versions of the Figures between the pages. The Plate they are on is identified in the original as Plate V, not Plate VII. These images are, however, simply screen-grabs from the Google Books PDF. It would be better to consult the actual PDF version.

4. Reference by the Society for Promotion of Christian Knowledge

In { The History of Printing. (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1855), p. 67 } it is claimed that "... a [type casting] machine was made by Mr. Applegath, and was worked in the foundry at his printing office, now Messrs. Clowes', in the year 1824."

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