Typecasting Machines

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1. The Bhisotype

S. A. Bhisey, India and England. See { Huss, The Develoment of Printers' Mechanical Typesetting Methods, 247 }, who cites { Lucien A. Legros and John Grant. Typographical Printing Surfaces. (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1916) }

Google Books has scanned (but as of 2008-10-21 not yet released) Bhisotype: The Method and Economy of the New Single Type Caster and Composer . Tata-Bhisotype Syndicate, 1908. 27pp.

The machine which was marketed as the "Bhisotype" was patented in the US on Sept. 18, 1917. US patent 1,240,168 by Shanker Abaji Bhisey, of London, England. "TYPE-CASTING MACHINE." This patent was assigned to Sir Ratan Tata of London, England. Here is Fig. 1 of that patent.

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