Carter Type Machine Company

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Several trade journals cira 1921 published a notice that the Carter Type Machine Company had been incorporated. Since no later references seem to occur, it is likely that this enterprise never got off the ground.

There seems to have been some relation between the Carter Type Machine Company and the Superior Matrix Company. In The Inland Printer, Vol. 66, No. 1 (October 1921) there is an advertisement for the Superior Matrix Company on p. 127 and for the Carter Type Machine Company on p. 131. Both give the same address (5th Floor, Industrial Building, Baltimore). Moreover, in the Index of advertisers, there is only one entry for both ads, in the name of the Carter Type Machine Company (and no separate entry for the Superior Matrix Company).

Here is the notice from The American Printer (January 20, 1921): p. 68. It doesn't entirely make sense, and shows evidence of having been edited down from a longer (presumably sensible) press release: "The Carter Type Machine Company, Industrial Building, 509 East PReston Street, has been incorporated under the laws of Maryland, with a capital stock of $350,000 and the shares are divided into 7,000. The company will manufacture and deal in machines for the making of type. The incorporators are James T. Carter, Nat B. Keen, Philip J. Scheck and Joseph I. McAllister. THese mats can be used in the Monotype, Thompson, and Universal machines. The superintendent of this plant is Charles B. Ketterer, formerly superintendent of the display matrix department of the Lanston Monotype Machine Company, of Philadelphia. James T. Carter is the inventor of this machine."

From The Inland Printer. Vol. 66, No. 1 (October, 1920): 131. (Image from the Google Books scan of the University of Michigan copy of this journal, as presented via The Hathi Trust. Hathi ID: mdp.39015086783654 .)

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James Thomas Carter was issued at least two patents related to typecasting.

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