The Nuernberger-Rettig or Universal Typecaster

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The Nuernberger-Rettig typecaster, also called the Universal Type-Maker and the Universal Type-Maker, is a machine for casting individual types suitable for hand composition (along with spaces, quads, and quotation quads, and leads & slugs, but not continuous strip material). It was developed by Philip George Nuernberger and George Rettig, Jr. of Chicago, around 1905 and first brought to market in 1907. The company survived until the late 'teens.

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ATF 2016

At the 2016 Conference of the American Typecasting Fellowship, held in NY, I had the privilege of giving a presentation on "The Nuernberger-Rettig (aka "Universal") Type-Maker: History, Mechanics, Future." Here is the current version of that presentation (I'll try to keep it up-to-date as new information comes to light).

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An Anthology of Source Materials

Includes: A booklet of unknown title containing "The Universal Type Caster[:] Its Design, Construction and Operation" (which is a technical marketing document) and "Universal Type Caster Matrices[:] Prices and Rates for Rental." Directions for Operating the Universal Type-Maker (which is an instruction manual and parts book). Other references to and illustrations of the machine. US and GB patents. Bibliography of modern studies.

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Photographs of four surviving Nuernberger-Rettig typecasters (all from the period where it was known as either the "Universal Type-Maker" or the "Universal Type-Caster").

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