Prerequisites and Common Elements

For Type Casting Machines

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This set of Notebooks covers a range of preliminary topics necessary for the full understanding of type casting machinery.

First, there are certain technical elements which are not themselves typecasting machines but are nonetheless necessary for (or influential upon) the development of typecasting machines:

Then there are other components which, while not strictly necessary, are present on many typecasting machines:

There are also certain basic design decisions which must be made:

Finally, there are certain often overlooked things which are useful to understand:

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The Hardened Steel Mold

[NOT DONE - but move the treatment of the hardened steel mold for the pivotal type caster here?]

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The Lever Hand Mold

[NOT DONE - redirect up and over to the lever hand mold in the hand mold set of Notebooks]

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The Force Pump

[NOT DONE - but move the treatment of the Force Pump for the pivotal type caster here?]

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The Nozzle Plate