The 'Monotype' Super Caster

Sales Literature

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1. Introduction

Sales and general literature (but not technical/operating/maintenance literature) for the 'Monotype' Super Caster.

2. Brochures & Booklets

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'Monotype' Super Caster (Lanston)

'Monotype' Super Caster (Philadelphia, PA: The Lanston Monotype Company, n.d.) This is a rare Lanston (that is, American) brochure on the Super Caster.

Thanks are due to David C. Churchman of Sterling Type Foundry for preserving this brochure and making it available.

The icon above left links to an effectively 300dpi reduction of the scan of this brochure; it is 73 Megabytes in size. Here is a 600dpi (278 Megabyte) reduction of it (I scanned it at 1200dpi, but those scans are too large to present at this point in the evolution of the computer): monotype-super-caster-lanston-H131-0600rgbjpg.pdf

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