General Literature about Machine Typecasting

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The category of general literature devoted specifically to machine typecasting is rather small. Much of the literature that would be in it is actually somewhere else (Legros & Grant's Typographical Printing Surfaces, for example, is certainly a very important book for machine typecasting, but for any number of reasons I've got it filed under ../../ Making Printing Matrices and Types -> Literature -> General. Most of the rest of the literature on machine typecasting is specific to particular machines (the Thompson, etc.) and is in the Notebooks for those machines.

So first check:

What remains here, while not unimportant, is what doesn't fit into those categories.

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Gregory Jackson Walters.

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Matrix data (including a reprint of Duensing's Matlas, ["Alignment for Sorts" (Monotype/Hopkins)], alignment data (especially that from Skyline Type Foundry), and mold height data.

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