[UK] Williams Engineering Co. Ltd.

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1. Overview

? - 1950s London. In 1919 they acquired Grant, Legros & Co. (Wallis, p. 37)

Made electroformed matrices from 1934 to "sometime around 1950" for the Oxford University Press. Also made pivotal casters for the OUP. Also made the Nodis Rapid Caster. (Rice)

Also electroformed matrices from older type for the American Harry Weidemann. They were thus instrumental in the revival of so-called "Antique" (that is, Victorian) faces in the early second half of the Twentieth Century in the US. Some of Weidemann's matrices passed to Typefounders Inc. [of Phoenix], and thence through Los Angelese Type Founders, Barco/F&S, and now to Skyline Type Foundry.

{ Rice's Matrix Making at the Oxford University Press. (1982), Part 2. }

{ Wallis, L. W. "Legros and Grant: The Typographical Connection." Journal of the Printing Historical Society. No. 28 (1999): 5-39. }

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