Victor Hammer

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Klingspor foundry. Independent.

Born 1882-12-09, Vienna. Died 1967-07-10, Lexington, KY. { Carter. Twentieth Century Type Designers. (1995) : 87}


Learned punchcutting from observing A. Schuricht cut his (Hammer's) Hammer Unziale and Paul Koch cut his (again, Hammer's) Samson

The first typeface where he cut the punches was Pindar. { Lawson. Anatomy of a Typeface. (1990) : 40} relates: "Hammer later wrote that he had cut the letters without any previous attempt at drawing them and made only slight corrections after smoke proofs of the punches indicated necessary changes." (40) The comments in Lawson indicate that Hammer cut punches, but did not strike or justify matrices (at least for American Uncial


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