Henry Brehmer

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Type engraver and designer. Born in Magdeburg, in the Kingdom of Prussia, in 1840. Emigrated to the US in 1865.

In Prussia, he apprenticed with Falckenberg [Falkenberg] for five years beginning in 1854, and then circa 1861 went on to Berlin.

Loy says of Brehmer's time in Berlin that he was also employed by "several places, and a portion of the time with Frowitsch [sic] & Sohn." I have been able to find no reference to this firm, but "Trowitsch & Sohn" was a printing firm in Berlin at the time.

At some unspecified point after this, but before his emigration to the US in 1865, he went to "the well-known typefoundry of Haas'sche, in Basel, Switzerland."

In the US, employed by Conner (1865-1872). Then Bruce. Then Farmer, Little & Co..

Also by Phelps, Dalton (The Dickinson Type Foundry), Lindsay, and an unnamed "noted new York Printer."

Biographical sketch by William E. Loy, "Designers and Engravers of Type," No. 22, Inland Printer, Vol. 24, No. 2 (November, 1899): 243 .

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