[US] Charles L. Hochstadt

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St. Louis.

At present all I know of Hochstadt is a paragraph in Nicholas J. Werner's "Address" to the St. Louis Club of Printing House Craftsment (circa 1931):

"Matrices produced through the electrolytic deposition of nickel have a certain necessary amount of use. Now, nickel is a very refratory metal to thus deposit and has given much vexation and despair to experimenters. A St. Louis citizen, Mr. Charles L. Hochstadt, finally achieved great success and has hit upon a method of producing nickel matrices easily so that they will stand the hardest service. He now makes them for a Chicago concern, refusing to change his residence from St. Louis to the lake city." (pp. 3-4, or p. 23 in the 1941 reprint under the title "St. Louis in Type-Founding History").

An online search reveals that in the 1930 US census Charles L. Hochstadt, born about 1879, was resident in St. Louis and married to Beatrice Hochstadt.

I do not know if Charles L. Hochstadt was related to Carl Hochstadt, who in 1886 was issued two US patents for type molds (336,483 and 354,060).

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