[FR] Jules Hénaffe

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19th & early 20th century. Imprimerie Nationale, France.

Jules Hénaffe is cited by Yannis Haralambous and P. Scott Home ( Fonts & Encodings.' (O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2007): 385) as having cut Jaugeon in 1903 Updike ( Printing Types, v.1, p. 241) dates this to 1904.

He is cited in a web history of Garamond at http://www.garamond.culture.fr/fr/page/redecouverte_de_l_imprimerie _nationale as having recut a face by Garamond for the Exposition universelle of 1900.

A photograph of punches made and signed by various cutters, including "the Hénaffes," is shown in the blog entry http://designtraveler.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/punch-cutter-nelly-gable-steel-magnolia-of-the-imprimerie-royale

Luc Devroye cites his dates as 1857 - 1921.

Jef Tombeur, "Les «exotiques trésors» du Cabinet des poinçons" { http://www.garamonpatrimoine.org/technique_histoire/poincons_exo.html} cites faces for Telagu (1901), Coptic, Palmyrian (1899), Thai (1903; I think; it is in a section including Khmer and Laotian as well, and I don't really read French). Also "gothique Christian" (1902).

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