[UK] John E. Uttley

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With Stephenson, Blake. Millington says that he was "in-house trained" and that "from 1900 to 1914 [he] became the chief punchcutter and ultimately the manager of matrix production." (129)

Uttley trained on the Schokmiller pantograph by Nicholas J. Werner. Werner says in his circa 1931 Address "Last year I visited these folks, the Stevenson [sic], Blake & Company, letter foundry, and was astounded at the progress they had made since the installation of the small plant which I had brought to them. The very person I had taught (Mr. John E. Uttley) showed me a number of his wonderful improvements in the methods of designing and engraving." (p. 3 or p. 22 of the 1941 Share Your Knowledge Review reprint)

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