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Pacific Victoria Italic (Pacific States)

A lowercase was cut by Gustav F. Schroeder for the Pacific States Type Foundry. The provenance of the uppercase is as yet unclear to me.

I have yet to see a specimen for Pacific Victoria Italic and do not know for certain whether it was a lining face as Victoria Italic (Central) was. The simultaneously introduced Regal Italic (ATF), which also included a lowercase, may or may not have been lining. The later Lining Regal Italic No. 2 (ATF) included a lowercase and was lining. A lowercase for a lining face is unusual.

See Victoria Italic (Central, later ATF) cut by Schroeder & Werner and Werner for Central Type Foundry.

See also Regal Italic (ATF), which is said by McGrew to have "essentially the same lowercase," and Lining Regal Italic No. 2 (ATF).

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Pastel (BB&S)

See Era (BB&S). Frequently used in (silent) film cards.

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Pekin (BB&S, ATF, Kittypot, Phoenix/LATF/Barco, Skyline)

The name under which BB&S revived their earlier Dormer (q.v.) about 1925. It has been known best as Pekin in subsequent revivals.

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Perpetua (Dumas, Monotype UK)

Ribadeau Dumas [individual] (also Ribadeau Dumas [type foundry]) struck matrices for Perpetua from punches cut by Charles Malin from designs by Eric Gill in 1926, and cast from them. These punches later went to The Monotype Corp. Ltd. (UK). (C. Volmer Nordlunde's Letters from a Danish Typographer [Typophiles Chap Books, No. 46] (NY: The Typophiles, 1967), p. 75.)

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