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Samaritan (Caslon's, Pica)

See Caslon's Pica Samaritan (ca. 1734).

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1926. Cut by Paul Koch to a design by Victor Hammer.

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Saunders Condensed

Between 1900 and 1920. This was Kelsey's name for their castings from the Farmer, Little & Co. matrices for Abbey Condensed. (Source: Briar Press posting, thread 31214, by David Jasmund on 2012-08-29.) It does not, however, appear in Kelsey specimens that I have examined from the post-WWII period. (The icon for this present entry shows Abbey Condensed, as I have not yet discovered an original specimen for "Saunders Condensed.") See the Abbey Condensed entry for the later history of these matrices.

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Scribner (Central)

Cut at the Central Type Foundry using the Central Type Foundry Pantograph. Patterns made by Gustav F. Schroeder, but the identify of the matrix engraving operator is not known. Date unknown (must have been between 1882 ( Geometric) and Shroeder's departure from Central, with the pantograph, in 1889). Shown in the Saxe/Johnston edition of Loy, p. 76.

Mullen dates it to 1883 and says not only that "Schroeder made the patterns" but that the face was "Cut by Gustav Schroeder." (Mullen, Robert A. Recasting a Craft: St. Louis Typefounders Respond to Industrialization. (Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois Univ. Press, 2005): 137). He also attributes its source to lettering used in Charles Scribner's Sons' magazine St. Nicholas.

For other faces known to have been machine-engraved in this way see Geometric, Geometric Italic, Morning Glory, and Type Writer (Central).

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Scroll Shaded

1963 copy by John S. Carroll of [FINISH LINKS; see McGrew]

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Self-Spacing Brevier Old Style No. 22 (Benton, Waldo)

Shown in "Self Spacing Type." The Inland Printer. Vol. 4, No. 3 (1886-12): 180.

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Self-Spacing Long Primer Old Style No. 24 (Benton, Waldo)

Shown in "Self Spacing Type." The Inland Printer. Vol. 4, No. 3 (1886-12): 180.

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Sierra (Pacific States)

Cut by Gustav F. Schroeder for Central Type Foundry Shown in the Saxe/Johnston edition of Loy, p. 76, where its date is given as circa June 1896.

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Designed by G. G. Lange for Berthold in 1953. This typeface, designed for Didot point system bodies, was cast on American point system bodies for, and imported into the US by, Amsterdam Continental Types, Inc.

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Stellar (Weidemann)

See Tuscan Graille. Not to be confused with the Stellar / Stellar Bold designed by R. Hunter Middleton for Ludlow.

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Stephenson, Blake Two-Line Small Pica of 1849

This face is Catalog No. 109 in Nicolette Gray's XIXth Century Ornamented Types and Title Pages . Shown on p. 181 (d). It is identified as a Two-Line Small Pica by Stephenson, Blake from circa 1849. Rob Roy Kelly (p. 124), in his discussion of Doric Ornamented, further identifies this Stephenson, Blake face as one which originated in France.

This is the same face as Doric Ornamented (in wood) by Wells & Webb. See also Ornamented No. 847 (Bruce). Revived in the mid Twentieth Century in metal as Tuscan Ombree and in the late Twentieth Century digitally as Zebrawood[TM]. See the main entry for this design's history under Tuscan Ombree.

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St. John

Inland 1895. First shown in The Inland Printer, Vol. 15, No. 5 (August, 1895): 505.

Similar to A.D. Farmer & Son's Abbey Text and ATF Bradley (aka Bradley Text), both of which were shown in the next number of The Inland Printer

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