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image link-topic-sf0.jpg

From: Southward, John [original author], Arthur Powell [4th and 5th editions], and George Joyner [6th edition]. Practical Printing: A Handbook of the Art of Typography London: The "Printers' Register" Office, 1911. Vol. 1., p. 9. Scanned by the author from the original.

image inland-printer-v134n01-1954-10-uw-0600rgb-0070-crop-2480x3294-scale-2048x2720-sf0.jpg

From: The Inland Printer (Chicago: Maclean Hunter Publishing Corp.) Vol. 134, No. 1 (October, 1954): 70. It originally appeared on the same page as the column "The Composing Room" conducted by Alexander Lawson, but may not be related to that content. Scanned by the author from the original. (Note: The copyright for this issue of The Inland Printer was not renewed as would then have been required. I believe that it therefore passed into the public domain upon the expiration of its original copyright in 1982.

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