(System Küstermann)

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1. Introduction

The German firm of Küstermann produced hand and automatic/"komplett" type casting machines of several kinds. They are best remembered today for their version of the French Foucher caster .

The machine shown here is one apparently to their own design (other illustrations of it contain the text "D.R. Patent"). It is shown in {Wilkes 1990}, p. 146. Wilkes identifies it as "Komplettgießmaschine, System Küstermann, 1897", but it must date to at least 1896 (the date of the illustration below).

Here it is as shown in {Brockhaus 1896}:

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2. Bibliography

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To see this page in context, see the article "Schriftgiesserei" in (e.g.) Volume 14 of the 1908 edition of Brockhaus, digitized by Google at https://books.google.com/books?id=HA5LAAAAYAAJ

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