Exploring Dr. Hershey's Typography

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In the early 1980s, when digital lettering was still a novelty, I did some work with what we then called "the Hershey fonts" because we needed freely available vector faces for a project at the now defunct company I was working for at the time. Even knowing nearly nothing about type, I was impressed with what Hershey had achieved with such simplicity.

Skipping forward two decades, I renewed my research into Hershey and put together a preliminary set of web pages "Exploring Dr. Hershey's Typography." I never really completed them, and in the passage of time they disappeared from my web presence.

Since then I have become deeply involved in amateur typefounding: the making of cast metal letterpress printing types. But my respect for Dr. Hershey's accomplishments has not diminished.

So here, for what it's worth, are:

Note that all of these are hosted on my bulk hosting site, "galleyrack.com". So don't be alarmed when the URL changes from CircuitousRoot.com to galleyrack.com.

Also note that this is now static, archived work. It probably contains errors. They won't be fixed. It will contain dead links. They'll stay that way.

I hope that this is useful. Dr. Hershey seem to have been a quite remarkable man and deserves to be better remembered.

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