[UK] John Baine (London)

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1. Overview

1749 - [ca. 1787?] London

John Baine (1713-1790) worked first with Alexander Wilson (whose foundry later bore the name "Glasgow Letter Foundry).

N.B., I have been unable to find the date of birth of John Baine, but Reed says he died in 1790, "aged 77".

He managed a (first) Dublin branch of the Wilson foundry from 1747 until 1749. I presume that the branch closed at this point, but I am uncertain (and Reed doesn't say); Wilson later opened a Dublin branch again.

Baine in 1749 set up on his own in London. He moved back to Scotland by 1778, and Reed cites an 1787 specimen from Edinburgh under the name John Baine & Grandson.

Baine and Grandson then moved to Philadelphia (USA) and set up as one of the first American typefounders; Reed presumes this was around 1787.

The grandson was also John Baine. Neither Reed nor Silver give his date of birth. Reed says he died 1799, but Silver disputes this. The Philadelphia foundry wrapped up sometime around 1799, when John Baine (grandson) sold Binny & Ronaldson "three hundred dollars worth of tools" (Silver, 8)

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