Cade Type Foundry

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1. Overview

1972 - 1990s. Winchester, MA. Philip Cade.

This was the typefoundry of Philip Cade, Cade, Proprietor of the Juniper Press. This was probably a private typefoundry (the specimen of 1976 is ambiguous on this subject, but Philip Driscoll indicated on a LETPRESS posting on 2011-05-09 that the foundry was private and did not cast type for sale). The Juniper Press itself began in 1969.

In this same LETPRESS posting, Philip Driscoll indicated that Cade, now deceased, worked with a gas-fired Thompson and had an electric Thompson in storage. (The specimen of 1976 indicates that he cast on a Thompson as well).

2. Specimens

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Specimen Book (1976)

Specimen Book: Type, Borders, Ornaments, and Brass Rule. (Winchester, MA: Cade Type Foundry / The Juniper Press, 1976).

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