Chicago Type Foundry

(Not Marder, Luse & Co.)

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1. Overview

[dates? 20th century] All I know of this foundry, if indeed it acted as such, is that it issued a booklet advertising "Hand Finished Elrod Rule / Leads and Slugs / Metal Furniture" with contact information as: Chicago Type Foundry, 553 South Clark Street, Chicago, ILL. Phone WABASH 7592." A partially identical version of this booklet was issued by: "Printing Trades Equipment Co. 224 N. desplaines St. Tel. Haymarket 8125, Chicago, Illinois." Neither bears a date, but from appearance and the lack of city zones in the addresses they would seem to be of 1930s vintage.

Presumably this "Chicago Type Foundry" was entirely separate from the Chicago Type Foundry of Marder, Luse & Co.

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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Hand Finished Elrod Rule [Red Cover]

Hand Finished Elrod Rule. (Chicago: Chicago Type Foundry, [no date, probably 1930s]

The rule shown in this specimen is interesting because much of it would indeed have required significant finishing work (if it was in fact Elrod-cast, as claimed). The Elrod cannot "natively" cast wavy or patterned rule.

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Hand Finished Elrod Rule [Blue Cover]

Hand Finished Elrod Rule. (Chicago: Printing Trades Equipment Co. [no date, probably 1930s]

This is obviously a direct abridgement of the "Chicago Type Foundry" catalog reprinted above.

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