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1. Overview

1868-18?? Cochard and A. David. 18??-1888 A. David. 1888-1892 Widow of A. David. Paris. Acquired by Gustave Peignot.

See " History of Deberny et Peignot [http://amgweb.rit.edu/dphist1.htm]" at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection of the Rochester Institute of Technology library's website devoted to the 20th century magazine Arts et Métiers Graphiques: http://amgweb.rit.edu/index.htm. This history includes, as Appendix A to its Section III, a family tree of the "History of the Fonderie Deberny et Peignot, 1748 - 1972": http://amgweb.rit.edu/pdf/appendixa.pdf. This is in turn based on an (anonymous?) article: "Deberny et Peignot: La Belle Époque de la Typographie." Caractère, Vol. 12 (December 19750: 33-34.

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

A bibliographic citation in the Bibliographie de la France (Year 87, Second Series, No. 42 (1898-10-15): 191) identifies a specimen from 1886.

3. Advertising

Very similar advertisements appeared in various issues of the Bulletin de l'imprimerie et de la lbirairie in (at least) the 1882-1884 timeframe. This one dates from the 1884-12-20 issue. N.B., "poinçon" = "punch".

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