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1. Overview

1840-1881. Alexandre Deberny [formerly De Berny]. Fonderie Deberny & Cie. Paris. Succeessor of Laurent & De Berny. Charles Tuleu (Deberny's illegitimate son) joins in 1877, inherits the firm in 1881. Succeeded in 1881, therefore, by Tuleu.

See the " History of Deberny et Peignot [http://amgweb.rit.edu/dphist1.htm]" at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection of the Rochester Institute of Technology library's website devoted to the 20th century magazine Arts et Métiers Graphiques: http://amgweb.rit.edu/index.htm. This history includes, as Appendix A to its Section III, a family tree of the "History of the Fonderie Deberny et Peignot, 1748 - 1972": http://amgweb.rit.edu/pdf/appendixa.pdf. This is in turn based on an (anonymous?) article: "Deberny et Peignot: La Belle Époque de la Typographie." Caractère, Vol. 12 (December 19750: 33-34.

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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1884. "Noveau type d'écriture"

"Noveau type d'écriture." A one page specimen appearing in the September 1884 issue of the Bulletin de l'imprimerie et de la libraire. Digitized by Google Books and extracted at full available resolution from their presentation of this volume.

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