[Prussia] Falckenberg

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1. Overview

Fl. 1854. Magdeburg. Prussia (Prussian province of Saxony, which is now the German state of Saxony-Anhelt).

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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1854 Proben der Schriftgiesserei

Proben der Schriftgiesserei. (Magdeburg, Albert Falckenberg & Comp., 1854). This volume has been digitized by Google from the copy of the Universiteit Gent (Université de Gand, Ghent University), Belgium. The icon here links to a local copy of the Google Books digitization.

3. Type-Makers Employed

The article on Henry Brehmer in William E. Loy, "Designers and Engravers of Type," No. 22, Inland Printer, Vol. 24, No. 2 (November, 1899): 243 says of him: "It was in 1854 that he entered the establishement of Albert Falkenberg [sic], in his hative city, where not only all branches of typefounding were carried on, but engraving and printing as well. After serving his apprenticeship of five years he continued in the same establishment for two years more..."

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