[Kingdom of Sardinia] Farina

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1. Overview

Fl. 1851. Kingdom of Sardinia (House of Savoy).

The Reports of the 1851 Great Exhibition say "Sardinia. - The Jury have remarked MM. Farina's small punches and types." (p. 903, PDF 48).

Reports of the Juries on the Subjects in the Thirty Classes into which the Exhibition [of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851] was Divided . Vol. III. London: Spicer Borthers, Wholesale Stationers; W. Clowes and Sons, Printers, 185 2. Digitized by Google Books from the copy presented to the Government of Bavaria, now in the Bavarian State Library. "Punch-cutting and Type-founding" and "Type-Founding in the United States" are pp. pp. 899-906 (PDF 44-51) Class XVII ("Report on Paper and Stationery, Printing and Bookbinding"), followed by "Stereotyping."

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