A. W. Kinsley (Franklin Type Foundry)

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1. Overview

1825-1831 [date information from Hopkins in Peat reprint of 1829 specimen; see below] Albany, NY.

Hornung reproduces an eagle ornament from A Specimen of Printing Types Cast in the Franklin Letter-Foundry of A. W. Kinsley & Co., Albany, NY (1828). {Hornung, Clarence P. Handbook of Early Advertising Art, Mainly from American Sources. Third Edition. (NY: Dover Publications, 1956.): xx and Plate 65, Fig. 6.}

Not sure of the relationship (if any) of this Franklin Type Foundry to the Franklin Type Foundry of Allison & Smith. The Allison & Smith "Franklin Type Foundry" started in 1956 as a branch of Johnson & Co., and can thus trace its origins back to 1796 and Binny & Ronaldson.

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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1829 A Specimen of Printing Types

David W. Peat has reprinted (in 2001) the complete 1829 specimen book, A Specimen of Printing Types Cast in the Franklin Letter Foundry of A. W. Kinsley & Co.. It was beautifully printed by Richard Hopkins at his Pioneer Press of West Virginia and is (in 2011) available from David Peat at 1225 Carroll White Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46219. 145pp with a new introduction by Hopkins.

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