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1. Overview

(1830?), 1867-1889. Paris. Successor to Fonderie propagande de Petibon. Acquired by G[ustave] Peignot et fils.

Bibliographie de la France, ou Journal générale de l'Imprimerie et de la Libraire, No. 6 (8 Février, 1845): 74, records "Fonderie propagande de Petibon: des vignettes." Google Books has digitized but not (2011) released a volume entitled Fonderie propagande de Petibon, à Paris attributed to "Longien, Paul, firm, type-founders, Paris, D.A.Poupart (et frère Madrid)" (1830). The date on this would seem to indicate an association between Longien and Petibon which predates the 1867 date of succession given in the "History of Deberny et Peignot" (see below).

A bibliographic citation in the Bibliographie de la France (Year 87, Second Series, No. 42 (1898-10-15): 191) identifies a specimen from 1867 by "Fonderie Longien, gendre [son-in-law] and successeur de Petibon, graveur-fondeur." Google Books has scanned but not yet (2011) released three specimens by Longien, one from 1867, one from 1880, and one undated.

I do not know if there is any relation between this foundry and the Fonderie sociale de V. Petibon fils.

See " History of Deberny et Peignot [http://amgweb.rit.edu/dphist1.htm]" at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection of the Rochester Institute of Technology library's website devoted to the 20th century magazine Arts et Métiers Graphiques: http://amgweb.rit.edu/index.htm. This history includes, as Appendix A to its Section III, a family tree of the "History of the Fonderie Deberny et Peignot, 1748 - 1972": http://amgweb.rit.edu/pdf/appendixa.pdf. This is in turn based on an (anonymous?) article: "Deberny et Peignot: La Belle Époque de la Typographie." Caractère, Vol. 12 (December 19750: 33-34.

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