Miller & Richard

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1. Overview

Edinburgh. 1809 - 1952. I think that their materials were acquired by Stephenson, Blake, but Millington makes no mention of this in his history of Stephenson, Blake.

Their San Francisco branch office, opened by 1878, became Palmer & Rey in 1882.

Annenburg ( Type Founders of America and their Catalogs) also indicates that by 1878 they had a branch in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2. Specimen Books

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1922. Printing Type Specimens.

Printing Type Specimens (Edinburgh: Miller & Richard, 1922.)

A digital version of this book, including the original page scans, is available at The Internet Archive; the link at left goes there. Here is a local copy of the PDF version and the (nicer) DjVu version.

3. Type-Makers Employed

4. Typefaces


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