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1. Overview

? - 2008 [end of typecsting; continues in digital]. Barcelona, Spain. Fundición Tipográfia Neufville.

I have not yet traced the origin of this foundry; online sources (and Duensing, below) note only that it was a "subsidiary of Bauer" to which the rights and possibly materials of Bauer passed.

Paul Duensing notes (a) "The famous Bauer foundry moved from Frankfurt to its former subsidiary, Neufville, in Barcelona" and "then absorbed several smaller foundries and finally, in 1984, the matrices and materials of Typefoundry Amsterdam." { Duensing, Paul Hayden. "Metal Type: Whither Ten Years Hence?" Fine Print. Vol. 11, No. 1 (January, 1985): 20 }

Type design (mid 20th century) by Roger Excoffon.

A posting by Michael J. B. (Interrobang Letterpress) on 2011-04-06 to http://typeconsortium.org/ indicates that he had received a letter from Wolfgang Hartmann, Director of "Neufville/Bauer," that typefounding had ceased in 2008.

The Bauer website (checked in 2011) indicates that their typefounding materials went to three destinations: Imprenta Artesanal del Ayuntamiento de Madrid (I presume that this is the Imprenta Municipal [de los Museos de Madrid], Sala Temática de la Diputació de Lleida, and the Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Bellas Artes. https://bauertypes.com/categorias/index/31/hostoria

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