[FR] Saintignon

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1. Overview

Fl. 1883-1889. Paris. Fonderie typographique A. Saintignon. Successors to Darmoise (via Ferrouil?) (An undated, unnamed specimen from Fondeurs Saintignon is mentioned in a bibliographic entry in the Bibliographie de la France (Year 87, Second Series, No. 42 (1898-10-15): 190) Google Books has digitized, but not yet (2011) released an 1889 specimen from Saintignon.)

2. Advertising

This is an advertisement placed in the Bulletin de l'imprimerie et de la lbirairie. It says it is from the June 1883 issue, but it was bound with the December 1883 issue in the Oxford copy digitized by Google Books. Page 54 of the Google Books PDF.

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