Simeon & Charles Stephenson

British Letter Foundry

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1. Overview

London. 1789-1797. 1789-1797. London. Materials auctioned 1797, disposition unknown. {Talbot Baines Reed, p. 354}

Initially (1789) "Bell and Stephenson's British Letter Foundry."

Reed's account would indicate that this foundry had no connection with Stephenson, Blake.

{ Moseley et. al., Founder's London A-Z , p. 31}

2. Specimen Books

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1796. Specimen. 1797. Auction.

This Google Books PDF contains two items: An Specimen of Printing Types and Various Ornaments for the Embellishment of Press Work, by S. & C. Stephenson, British Foundry . (London: Printed by A. Macpherson, 1796.) and (starting on p. 124 of the PDF) A Catalogue of The Stock in Trade and All the Genuine Punches, Matrices, Moulds, and other Materials, Tools, and Implements, of the British Letter-Foundry in Breams-Building, Chancery-Lane, London. (With a continuation or sub-title: "Hitherto Carried On Under the Firm of S. and C. Stephenson, (The Partnership being dissolved by mutual Agreement;) which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. C. Heydinger. [etc.]" (London: [no printer stated], 1797.)

Digitized by Google Books (q.v.) The link here is to a local copy of the Google Books digitization.

3. Type-Makers Employed

4. Typefaces


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