[UK] St. Bride's Library

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1. Overview

1895 - present.

Formerly the St. Bride's Printing Library.

This is a research library, not a typefoundry. But Moseley (in Founder's London A-Z, p. 9) says of it "The Library is, with its collections of typefounding equipment, punches, and matrices, justifiably described as the last of the City's typefoundries, and a permanent monument to their activities."

Moseley, Howes, or Roche (in Founder's London A-Z, p. 14) say "The many typefounding tools and other items of equipment in the collection [of St. Bride's] (used in demonstrations), can be said to make St. Bride's Printing Library the last of the City of London's working typefoundries.

Moseley, James, Justin Howes, and Nigel Roche. Founder's London A-Z. London: The [European] Friends of the St. Bride's Printing Library, 1998.)

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