[FR] Thorey & Virey

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1. Overview

fl. 1828-1843. Paris.

Flikr user Henning Krause (user "berlintypes") has a photograph of an 1828 Thorey & Virey specimen. His citation from the Introduction of this volume indicates that Thorey worked for Didot l'aine before setting up his own firm.

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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This has been digitized by Google Books from the NYPL copy and is available via The Hathi Trust (ID "nyp.33433006349918"). The icon at left links to that digitization. Here is a local copy of the Hathi Trust edition assembled from the pages scans there: thorey-virey-1843-google-hathi-nyp-33433006349918-png.pdf

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