Van-Fos Type Foundry

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1. Overview


Cast Lanston Monotype faces. Produced 0.187 depth-of-drive type for rubber plates and dies under the brand name "Deptomatic."

2. Specimens

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Specimen Booklet

"Specimen Booklet of Handy Low Price Type Fonts." (Philadelphia, PA: Van-Fos Type Foundry, Inc., n.d.) This brochure is a single double-sided sheet folded three times for a total of eight pages. The text areas, however, do not correspond exactly to the pages. Such a document cannot be presented properly as two-dimensional images; it is inherently three-dimensional. For conceptual simplicity, the PDF here presents the successive scans of the pages in the order they appear on the sheet (recto then verso, left-to-right, top-to-bottom), not the order in which they unfold. A set of (rather crude) photographs on an additional page illustrates the unfolding sequence.

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